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Course curriculum

  1. Welcome to Building Great Datasets!

  2. Aligning concepts (Optional)

  3. Focus on what matters: Prioritizing data

  4. Collecting tons of data! (Volume)

  5. Collecting relevant data! (Coverage)

  6. Collecting good data! (Quality)

About this course

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  • 10 tools and templates

Master the art of creating great datasets

This course is for you if you're embracing AI at your company and want to build great datasets to feed your AI models.

  • What gets measured gets managed. Learn what data you should collect to transform your company.

  • Learn our Data-centric approach to build top-notch AI models you can rely on.

  • Use our +10 templates and tools to avoid wasting time and money on failed AI projects.

Kelwin Fernandes

CEO at NILG.AI, +10 years of experience in AI

I've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs like you to embrace AI in their companies. I've discovered what works and what doesn't. You will gain all my insights on what makes a great dataset. Transform your company with AI. Avoid getting hurt by this hype, and understand what your company needs to embrace AI soundly. Before wasting money on buying or capturing data, make sure you take this course. You have my personal promise it will save you thousands of dollars on mistakes. But, most importantly, you will be able to accelerate your company transformation with AI faster.

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